Crime Watch Program

Chinatown Crime Watch is a CCBA program established in 2005 to fight the increasing occurrence of robberies, assaults, and pursesnatchings in the Chinatown community.  Volunteers patrol the streets of Chinatown daily, in snow and rain, armed with nothing but a walkietalkie and a blue Crime Watch vest. These volunteers were trained by the Boston Police Department to be eyes and ears for the community, notifying the authorities at the first sign of trouble. With Crime Watch’s everpresent vigilance, crime in the area has decreased significantly.


Chinatown Crime Watch is modeled after other Boston crime watch programs. Neighborhood residents and community leaders take personal interest to ensure the safety and security of Chinatown. It is the selfless dedication and ceaseless commitment of our volunteers that sets Chinatown’s program apart from others and contributes to its success. 

Chinatown Crime Watch always welcomes new volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact CCBA for more information.

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