Waterford Place

Purchase Documents

(00) Closing Checklist

(01) FHA Firm Commitment

(02) Borrower’s Organizational Documents

(03) Managing Member’s & Gneral Partner’s Organizational Documents

(04) Survey

(05) Surveyor’s Report

(06a) Exceptions

(06b) UCC Search Report

(06) Title Insurance Policy

(06) CPL (07) Deed

(06) CPL

(07) Deed

(08) Zoning Compliance

(09) Building Code Compliance

(10) Assurance of Utility Service

(11) Opinion of Borrower_s Counsel

(12) Inspection Fee Check

(13) MIP Check

(14) Special Conditions

(16) Attendance List

(17) Note

(18) Security Instrument

(19) Regulatory Agreement

(20) UCC Financing Statement

(21) Request for Endorsement

(22) Agreement and Certification

(24) Certified Closing Statement

(25) Certificate re Tenants Security Deposits

(26) Permanent Financing Letter

(27) Escrow Agreement for Non-Critical Deferred Repairs

(32) Borrower_s Oath

(33) Disposition Agreement

(34a) Release

(34b) Note

(34c) Mortgage

(34d) Subordination Agreement

(42) EEOC

(43) Title VI Assurance of Compliance

(44) Borrower Byrd Amendment

(45) Lender’s Byrd Amendment

(46) LIHTC

(47) Evidence of Insurance

(48) Current Payment Letter

(49) Payoff Statement

(50) HUD Compliant Management Agreement

(51) Borrower & Management’s Cert of Reps and Warranties


Transaction Documents

CCBALP Acknowledgement (needs lp signatures)

CCBALP Agreement _ Certificate 09 16 1986

CCBA Realty Certificate of Existence (recorded)

CCBA Realty Cert of Good Standing (recorded)

CCBA Realty Corp Articles of Organization

CCBA Realty Corp Bankruptcy Lien UCC Judgment Searches

CCBA Realty Corp Opinion Certificate

CCBA Secretary_s Certification 03 15 07 vote

CCBA Status Certificate

CCBA Waterford Place. Gil Ho signature authority

CCBA Waterford Place Cert of Existence Long Form (recorded)

CCBA Waterford Place, LLC Certificate of Amendment Filed 05 08 2007

CCBA Waterford Place, LLC Certificate of Good Standing

CCBA Waterford Place, LLC Cert of Org Filed 03 30 2007

CCBA Waterford Place, LLC Operating Agreement

CCBALP Agreement _ Certificate Filed 08 05 1987

CCBALP Bankruptcy _ Judgment Search

CCBALP Cert of Existence (recorded)

CCBALP Cert of LPA Amendments (recorded)

CCBALP Continued Existence Certificate

CCBALP Federal _ State Tax Lien Searches

CCBALP First Amendment to LPA 09 17 1986

CCBALP Good Standing

CCBALP Restated LPA Certificate 05 26 1991

Clerks Cert with Exhibits

Condition 1 (Financial Information Regarding Borrower and Manager-Member)

Copy of CCBA Letter to US Bank with RR 03 16 07

Deed CCBALP to CCBAWP (recorded)

Discharge of Construction Loan Agreement (recorded)

Exercise of RFR incl earnest money deposit 03 26 07

First Amended and Restated LPA (syndication)

Fully Executed MassHousing Term Sheet

IRS Form SS-4 (CCBA Waterford)

Lender_s Title Policy

Ltr to David Ennis 03.19.07

Ltr to David Ennis 04.06.07

Ltr to Regan St. Pierre 03.28.07

Management Agreement

Manager_s Certificate CCBA Waterford Place, LLC

Manager_s Certificate Waterford Place Management, LLC

MassHousing Loan Committee Approval Fully Executed

MassHousing Sources and Uses

MassHousing Term Sheet 03 05 07 amendment

MassHousing Term Sheet 04 05 07 amendment

Mortgage Recording 08 03 89 and Discharge

Municipal Liens Certificate (recorded)

Notice letter from CCBA LP regarding right of refusal

Notice of Right of Refusal 03.28.07

Purchase _ Sale Agreement

Related Party Debt Subordination Agreement (CCBA)

Related Party Debt Subordination Agreement (CCBA Realty Corp)

release escrow deposit

Right of Refusal Agreement (1991)

Tenant Selection Plan

Title Insurance Affidavit

Title Insurance Policy

UCC Filing


Waterford DMRDMHSetasideltrclose

Waterford Place 504adacertclosing

Waterford Place – CCBA Waterford Place LLC – MHFA CERT Revised 06-21-07

Waterford Place – CCBA Waterford Place LLC – MHFA EPI Revised 062107

Waterford Place Management. Michael Wong signature authoritypdf

Bill of Sale Auth. Enfor. Opinion

CCBA Waterford Place

Auth. Enfor. Opinion CCBA LP

Assignment and Assumption Agreement (recorded)

Amended and Restated Regulatory Agreement


2007 Amendment to Mortgage and other Documents (recorded)

CCBA 2004 2005 Financials

BRA Consent and Certificate of Vote

BRA Certificate of Completion (recorded)

BRA Board Approval Vote

Bond Counsel Opinion